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Quality &Service

Quality and service go hand in hand. If an organization has quality products but no one answers the phone when you call, they will not survive. If an organization has excellent service representatives but 50% of the parts you receive are defective, the organization will fail as well. ODS understands both areas of quality and service. An extensive participant centered training methodology that include measurable training outcomes has been developed to assure competency in both areas. The design has been tested with organizations and found to deliver on its promise. The model included:

  • Setting standards and clear definition for performance in both quality and service.
  • Communicating expectations to staff to assure understanding and buy in.
  • Providing intense employee training that include competency assessments.
  • Redesign on performance evaluation systems to reflect standards of performance.

Clients know that our system works. It is changing the culture of organizations and employees are gaining valuable skills that improve the organization, improve customer relationships, and allow for their own professional development.