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Strategic Planning &Facilitation

Most organizations understand the need for effective planning but strategic planning is not an easy task. In order to get effective buy in, board and staff need to be included in the process in order to capitalize on both strategic thinking as well as operational know how. ODS uses many quality planning and strategic planning tools customized to client needs in order to get an effective plan that is manageable.

ODS is also seen as the local expert on facilitation. We have been the leader in team facilitation as well as focus group organization and analysis. Our team is known for its leadership on critical projects that require strong project management tools that will move projects to completion, assist with group problem solving and aide in both change management and conflict resolution.

Clients looking for these services say:

  • "Strategic Planning is a top priority, but previous plans have been overwhelming or too complicated to implement."
  • "Our organization is undergoing major change, we need a process that includes all members of our organization."
  • "Our board members are not engaged and we seem to need to reignite our fire"
  • "We are an organization that is great at "doing". We need to spend the time on planning and learn how to incorporate measureable objectives as well."