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Training & Professional Development

ODS has years of experience in identifying the proper educational and training activities to improve competency and work productivity. Every organization is unique and everyone in it has their own learning style. Our on-site customized approach takes into account your culture, individual learning styles, adult education principles and your expectations of training outcomes.

With challenging, interactive, engaging and entertaining methods of conveying information, ODS training experts will help your team build the skills to reach optimum performance goals. ODS' customized approach will increase retention to ensure application on the job.

Our most popular training topics are listed here for your convenience. But, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, be sure to contact us to help you identify and create the right learning solutions to best achieve your objectives.

16 PF Leadership
The 16 PF is a personality assessment that provides an overall evaluation of personality traits, as well as how those traits relate to successful management performance, leadership ability and creativity. Whether you are hiring or want to evaluate current employees, the 16PF will provide the detailed information you need when planning leadership training and development initiatives.

Emotional Intelligence
The rules for work are changing all the time. More and more companies understand that encouraging emotional intelligence skills is a vital component of any organization's management team. We are no longer judged just by how smart we are or our past training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other. Focusing on personal qualities, including initiative, empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness, these emotional skills can impact the overall team.

Myers-Briggs Personality Styles
This is one of the most popular methods for identifying personality styles and helping to understand how individual differences can support teamwork and organizational development. Participants will learn how to use this knowledge to improve not only themselves, but also the workplace.

Presentation Skills
Participants learn how to present ideas with poise, control, and conviction - without fear. Participants gain specific skills and direction needed to become comfortable within their own presentation styles. Participants also learn how to handle challenging situations in a professional, positive manner. Most importantly, participants learn how to present within a small group.

Project Management Skills
Gain valuable knowledge about the art and science of project management. From project team building to management and control, these skills will enable you to successfully and confidently assess and solve real-world problems. The class will include a variety of tools including affinity diagrams, tree diagrams, and Gant charts.

Succession Planning
As we prepare for the largest generation in history to begin moving out of the active workforce, are you prepared to fill their shoes with trained and knowledgeable employees who are prepared to take on new roles? Succession planning will help you to identify high potential employees to form the next leadership team.

Supervision Skills
The Basic Supervisory Skills Development Workshop presents the basic concepts and principles of supervision to managers, supervisors, team leaders, group leaders, and other high potential employees. Topics include: The Supervisors Job; Becoming a Leader; Communication Skills; Motivation; Delegating & Monitoring; Performance Management & Discipline; and Evaluating Performance.