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Workforce Assessment

Every day brings new challenges and needs to any thriving organization. Changes are always on the horizon. Time and technology force us through some of those changes, while others are brought about by our desire to expand our business, catch a new market share, support diversity goals, anticipate turnover or explore employee career development. A workforce assessment can be a valuable tool to help meet your growing and changing needs.

ODS offers a wide variety of workforce assessment methods to help you manage the "right here and now" up to and including the "what's coming up next". Through the use of training needs analysis, human resource audits, employee opinion surveys and other types of assessment tools, ODS can help you gather and analyze information to help assure you are making data driven decisions to drive your business and your employees forward.

By taking an inventory of your organizations needs, we can help you develop an analysis of your company's strengths, challenges and potential changes. We'll help you define roles and activities that are needed in order to be successful and finally, we can evaluate your current workforce's skills and knowledge and work with you to develop a strength/gap analysis along with a plan to address areas of need.

Whatever your need, when it comes to workforce assessments, ODS is the partner to have on your side. Contact us today to discuss what ODS can bring to your organization.