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Facelifts Anyone? Does Your Company Brand Need One?

There is one thing that irks me about small business pros these days: so many feel that they need to continuously redesign their branding identity. Sometimes they see something that a competitor is doing and they want to adjust their company branding to try and match the competition. Or, they can’t leave well enough alone and they continue to tweak by changing to a new partner, a new design, a new color or even a name that mimics a competitor! I’m of the belief that changing the branding identity for your company too often is unnecessary, confusing, and expensive. How could one ever gain brand recognition, create a heritage, or create a recognizable voice if it changes every few years? A good brand execution should be able to stand the test of time. If you are considering rebranding, check this out!

5 Signs That Your Company Brand May Need a Facelift:

1 – You are attracting the WRONG client
It’s time to re-brand when you find yourself constantly asking, “Why do [type X] clients keep contacting me? They don’t seem to have any qualities of the ideal client I’m targeting.” If you see a common theme in the types of the clients who are generally contacting you and you don’t consider them your target audience, then it might be time to revisit your branding identity. Try to understand what commonalities these clients possess and search for the underlying reasons of why they are attracted to your brand. Once you determine which “elements” of your brand are the culprits, consider altering those in a way that will help target more of your ideal client. – Heidi Bartlett, Idieh Design.

2 – Your company is misunderstood or unrecognized
If your target market doesn’t understand who you are, what you do, or why you are different then your branding is failing you or your constant change of direction may not be the answer. Try and develop a product or service that will stand the test of time and then develop a brand that compliments that.

3 – Your clients’ needs have changed
Maybe you have been trying to do too much…and you are not doing anything well. Your clients see this, and they talk about it with others. “If your clientele or customers have changed the way they shop for your services, it’s time to update your branding to keep up with technology and the market.” – Carla David, Carla David Design

4 – Your company has/is taking a big turn in direction or change in style.
Often times, companies can start to go in a different direction than originally planned. Your branding may have suited you before, but you have either out-grown it, have decided to explore another direction, or have tried to become more specialized in one area. While this is good for business, doing this every two to three years can spell disaster!

5 – You cringe when you give out your business card or show off your website.
You should always be proud to show off your hard work in branding, and it should explain who your company is to the person you are displaying it to. Self-confidence is one of the most important aspects of effective branding. – Cathy Olson, Love-Inspired.

Take time to determine what you are good at and then do it well. If you are not good at something, find assistance and pay someone to help you build a brand that reflects your skill set, your personality, and the quality you hope to bring to others.

Desila Rosetti is the president of Organizational Development Solutions, Inc and Assistant Professor at Calumet College of St Joseph teaching in the areas of small business, marketing, strategy and human resources.